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What is a ski pack?

A ski pack usually includes your ski equipment such as your skis, boots, poles, your ski school arrangements and your lift pass (where applicable). A ski pack is usually tailored to beginners needs, however some resorts also offer ski packs for the more intermediate skier. Ask for ski pack details at time of booking.

Do I need to purchase my ski pack at the time of booking my ski holiday?

Generally the price of a ski pack is the same regardless of whether you book it at the time of making your ski holiday reservation, or whether you decide to book on arrival with your ski representative. If however you decide to go to a Bulgarian resort, we strongly recommend you pre-book your ski pack at the time of booking your ski holiday as it may cost considerably more to purchase your ski pack once you get to your Bulgarian resort!

Do I need a lift pass?

The majority of slopes require a lift pass. The few resorts that have a dedicated beginner area shouldn’t however need a lift pass. We recommend you find out more about required lift passes at the time of booking your ski holiday.

Is a lift pass included in the price quoted on the website?

All quotations provided by Ski1st are EXCLUSIVE of a lift pass – unless stated otherwise.

Can you guarantee snow at my resort?

Unfortunately we can never guarantee snow at any particular resort! Glacier resorts usually guarantee snow and many other resorts have snow cannons that operate during the night to ensure an adequate covering of snow on the runs for the next day. To see what the resort looks like prior to departure why not visit one of our webcams?

What type of clothing will I need during my ski holiday?

Your priority is to remember that temperatures could be as low as –20 degrees. We therefore recommend you wear a number of layers, including a fleece. When combined with a fleece, the majority of walking or Winter sports jackets are sufficient for wearing in the snow. We also strongly recommend you take with you gloves, sunglasses and salopettes (ski pants).

Can I wear the sunglasses I usually wear on the beach?

We always recommend you wear sunglasses when skiing, to ensure you better definition of the snow, especially in flat light. You should always protect your eyes as the sun reflecting on the snow can cause snow blindness. Goggles are usually only used in heavy snowy conditions. If the sunglasses you wear on the beach are of sufficient quality, they should be fine for wearing when skiing. If in any doubt about the suitability of your sunglasses please speak with your optician.

Will the ski instructors speak English?

Should you decide to book your ski holiday with Ski1st, we guarantee that all instructors will speak English. It is standard practice for all ski instructors to not only be highly trained in teaching individuals and groups to ski, but also their command of the English language must be suffice.

I have been skiing once before, so do I really need to go to ski school?

Yes, even the best skiers can benefit from ski instructions to improve their technique. Your safety and the safety of others is paramount. Until you can confidently parallel turn on a red run, stop and be able to get yourself out of trouble quickly on a slope, lessons should be considered an important part of your holiday. High intermediates should also consider the benefits of off piste and mogul lessons!

What can I expect to do on the first day?

On your day of arrival your ski resort representative will meet with you. Your representative will go through all your holiday information with you, and will be available to answer any additional questions you may have. On the first day expect to collect all of your equipment and hill pass. Times for your ski school should also be explained. Both your representative and the ski school will show you how to wear and use your equipment and will direct you during the course of you holiday. Enjoy!